Back at Lysterfield Park

I went back to the park this morning (Saturday) and even though the forecast was similar to last Saturday, the fog didn’t lift till well after I’d left the park. So I spent a couple of hours there wandering around but not with good light. However, I did manage to get some shots of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, especially some mums with their joeys, and also of the White-faced Heron.

A special hello to Tony and Seeda (hope I’ve got the names right) who came up to me on Lake Track asking if I was Kathie. They’ve been watching my photos although I neglected to ask if it was at this blog, at Facebook or elsewhere. Perhaps they’d like to let me know by leaving a comment.

Anyway, here are some roo shots – they were in plentifuly supply this morning.

Mummy, let me in

Kangaroo and Joey

This last one, the joey had climbed into mum’s pouch as I came along the path.

Mother kangaroo with joey in pouch


  1. That’s the life!

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