Australian Magpie

I’m still stuck inside but I do have quite a good view outside my office window and am able to watch the birdlife when it shows up. Not that it always stays still long enough for me to capture it and I have a limited width of viewing for following them with my camera.  However, this magpie obliged me by foraging in the garden in front of the window. He was aware of me but once sure I wasn’t coming any closer, he continued with his business. Below he is checking me through the window to see if I am going to move any closer, then he continues his business of looking for food and walking around the garden.

Will she come any closer?

Daily work

Magpie walking across the garden


  1. Cheeky buggers, aren’t they. I really miss them and their songs, but not their dive bombing in nesting season. 🙂

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