Australian birds

I mentioned a few days ago about taking a young Canadian visitor around to some of my favourite places to take visitors.  He loved seeing all the birdlife.  Here are more birds we saw that day.

Sacred Ibis – these birds are scavengers and are frequently seen near places where people have been eating.
Sacred Ibis

Male Gang-gang Cockatoo. Healesville Sanctuary have many cockatoos on display.
Gang-gang Cockatoo

This is an Eclectus Parrot Pair. Quite unusual that they are so different in colour, don’t you think?
Eclectus Parrot Pair


  1. All of your posts are wonderful. I do enjoy the birds the most, I think. Australian birds are amazing to me! And I know how difficult it is to get good shots like these.

  2. Kathie Thomas says:

    Thanks Sally, I think I love doing bird shots the most. They are both challenging and satisfying and we have such a variety to choose from.

  3. The colours of these beauties are just incredible. How much fun our son had with you! I don’t know how I would have felt to have them sitting all over me, but he enjoyed it, didn’t he! Thanks Kathie.

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