A visit to Lysterfield Lake Park

It was forecast to be very cold with frost and fog on Saturday morning so I knew where I wanted to be, if only I could get out of bed in time. And I did. The next few days’ posts will be about my visit there.

Below is the lake with mist over it and the image below that is of two women, rugged up, walking toward the fog and a rider coming back out of it. He stopped by me a minute later asking if I’d take a photo of him with his bike on his phone camera. Perhaps I should have taken one with my camera too! Mind you, I took over 400 photos yesterday 🙂

Mist on the Lake

Walking into the fog


  1. It’s magical to be by the water in the autumn as the air cools while the water is still warm. Wonderful photos to be had. Congratulations on getting out there.

  2. Kathie

    I so much enjoy your photography and love of nature.

    Lysterfield Lake is a very special area….largely unknown by Melburnians.



  3. Thanks Tony. My husband had been riding for 5 or 6 years at the park before I even ventured to visit it. At that stage I didn’t know what I was missing. We now live only 10 mins away and I love going there often. Early mornings is great but any time of day really. Glad you’re enjoying the photos.

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