Failed Memory Card

I was despairing that one of my new memory cards for my new camera had already failed.  I mean I’ve only had it since December. Granted I’ve taken over 5,500 photos with it but I didn’t think it would wear out.  At least not that quickly.  And I was formatting it in the camera (not on the computer) at the end of each month and starting afresh each month.  From what I could see in all the how-tos that is the correct way to look after the card – formatting with the camera. So why had the thing failed?

My husband and I wandered into the camera shop today along with my camera and the good and bad memory card (for comparison) so they could replace the card or sort out what’s wrong. Then I chanced to say I could read it still in my computer – just not in my camera.  I could see the guy suddenly had a light bulb go on but I was still in the dark, although not for long.

He took my card and put it in another camera and immediately was told the card was on lock.  My camera doesn’t tell me that nor did the computer.  duh!  Why didn’t I think of that (or my husband?).  We were grateful to walk out a couple of mins later with a memory card that is still very active.

I thought I’d share our experience here with you in case you have a similar challenge.  The camera was telling me -3 and was flashing – the troubleshooting guide told me the card was faulty but no indication it might be on lock.  I’ll know for next time!  In the meantime can you see below that one card is locked and the other isn’t?

Memory Cards

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