In my day job I run the Secretariat for a NFP group that consists of tree loppers and arborists. It’s been interesting learning about their industry and their passion. One of the workshops they did last year related to tree habitats, and the creatures that live within the trees.  An elderly neighbour was recently talking about microbats when I mentioned the number of dead trees she has on her property.  She leaves them there for the micro bats and other creatures that might inhabit them. All of this has made me see things in the bush with fresh eyes and below are images of habitats in the bush at the nearby Birdsland Reserve.

Habitat tree

Habitat tree

Not sure what might live in this tangled mess.

Grass pile

This is an eagle’s nest (below). I saw two eagles circling round not far from here the other day.

Eagle's nest

That’s the nest high up there (below). The shot above is the closest I could get with my 70-300mm lens.  I thought I’d show you just high up it really is.

The tree with the eagle's nest.

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