Wrong answer Lulu.com

Many saw my post last week about using other people’s photos when using Print on Demand services.  I got comments via my blog as well as at Facebook, Twitter and photography forums I belong to.  I had queried Lulu.com and they’ve sent back an answer.  In the meantime I’ve discovered other photobook printing services also offering the same with links to other photo service sites.

What did Lulu.com say?

Thank you for your email. We give authors that option so they can upload their images from Fotolia.com. If you see someone publishing your work, please let us know and we will take action on that issue. Lulu.com is a self-book publishing print on demand company and we do not review the content. Most people who use Lulu make photo books of their trips, family gatherings etc. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

What did I say in response?

Why can’t they just upload from their computers then, instead of an external service?

And you do promote that they can search through over 5 million photos at Fotolio as I showed in my previous email (and as shown in the attached). It is a concern for those of us who do photography on a professional or semi-professional level.

While I don’t expect I’ll be listened to as an individual, if photographers band together to voice their concern, then perhaps that might be considered.  The image I attached to my response above is below.

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