Wallaby and Kangaroo

Those who live outside of Australia might not realise the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo.  They do look similar however there are distinct differences.  Below is an Eastern Grey kangaroo joey and a Swamp Wallaby.

Wallabies are short and stockier, more thick set, with a fatter tail which they use to help balance. The swamp wallaby is quite cute and almost panda like in its face.  The kangaroo is usually taller and thinner. This one is a young joey, not sure of its age. It’s parents are considerably taller with dad being at least 6 foot in height.

Joey kangaroo

Swamp Wallaby


  1. So exotic to us in Finland! In Finnish wallaby is “small kangaroo” (pieni kenguru). Thanks Kathie for sharing.

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