Using Photoshop Elements

Being relatively new to digital photography, other than just using a ‘point-and-shoot’ camera, I’m now learning about editing, cropping and enhancing my shots.

pselementsOnce I decided I wanted to pursue this hobby much more seriously I found a lot of information via forums and photography clubs – online and offline.

It was suggested I should get Photoshop Elements which I did and I’m gradually learning how to use this program through books I’ve bought and also an online .  I thought I’d share some of the links with you.

picasaAnd another program I was already using but hadn’t realised how comprehensive it is, is Google’s Picasa.  I was using it to manage all the images on my computer and create html pages to upload to blogs and websites but it is much more powerful than that.

It’s a free download and worth getting so if you’re not yet up to spending some $$ to get a program like Photoshop Elements (which isn’t that expensive) then use Picasa instead. It has a cool straightening tool and heaps of other features!

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