The reason for my absence

I’ve missed a couple of days. I had preposted up to that point but didn’t get time to do more posts. Almost two weeks ago my husband had a serious mountain biking accident that required the SES and Ambos to trek a good half kilometre or so into bushland to retrieve him in a stretcher and ferry him to hospital. He spent a week in the Alfred Hospital and then was transferred to Caulfield Rehab. He has spinal cord injuries and is now working with Physio and OT people to gain back his walking ability and the use of his right hand. His left hand is almost fully functioning. It will be some weeks before he’s back home again and many months before he’s walking normally or even getting back on a bike. And yes, he wants to be able to get back on his bike and I want him to as well. He’s happy riding – he just won’t do that logroll anymore.

This is the SES and ambulance crew bringing him out from the bushland. I was across the road with the ambulance anxiously waiting for them to appear.

SES on duty

And my husband in one of his cheeky moments at rehab. He can sit up now and doesn’t have to wear the neck collar anymore. He spent about 4 days flat on his back with a collar while they assessed the extent of his spinal injury.

My husband in hospital


  1. Wow – tragedy and celebration all in one post! Sorry he was hurt, but so happy he’s on the road to recovery!

  2. Thanks Wendi. He still has many months of rehab ahead of him, learning to walk again (properly) and regaining the use of his right hand. At the moment he can’t do anything with it – can’t even straight or curl his fingers. But we are believing for a full recovery.

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