Beautiful Rainforest

I love the drive up to Monbulk from my place. And particularly so, when it’s misty and wet. The colours are so vibrant and the scenery so beautiful. I hope these images can give you just a glimpse of what I see on a regular basis. It is such a lovely area, driving through Sherbrooke Forest, here in the Dandenong Ranges.

Monbulk Road

Ferntree in the forest

The antics of the Cockatoo

Late yesterday afternoon we had a storm sweeping in – thunder, some lightening, lots of rain and some wind.  The cockatoos had decided to settle in our oak and liquidamber trees and were making quite a racket as the rain got heavier. I stood underneath our verandah to watch them and their silly antics. One came in for a landing and crashed into the branch before righting himself – as you’ll see in the first few images of this collage I put together. Another struggled to stay upright on a thin branch to get the nut he wanted near the top.  They were hilarious to watch.

The antics of cockatoos in rain storms

Crimson Rosella on Washing Line

It was pouring with rain a few days ago and I was thinking I’d not had the opportunity to go out with my camera. I decided to stick my nose out of the back door and risk going for a brief walk. But I didn’t have to leave my porch. Because only metres away from me was this Crimson Rosella perched on the top of our washing line. Another was on the lawn checking for seeds or something. I think the one on the washing line was enjoying the shower of rain.

191-365 Crimson Rosella on our washing line

After the rain…

A new bud on the pink rose bush waiting to bloom.