Popular with dogs too

Regular visitors at Birdsland Reserve include dogs and their owners. Quite a variety of dogs and most are very happy looking and obviously love their time at the park. I’m tempted to do a study of the dogs there 🙂 Here are a small selection of them.

Zoe the dalmation

Happy dogs at the park

And this one was taken in much warmer weather.

Dog enjoys the water

And this is Ned who goes totally psycho whenever he sees me. Very happy dog.


The birds at Birdsland Reserve

It’s been colder, wet and windy, and I don’t get out to walk every day. I run a full time business and sometimes I have to go to morning meetings, or have a client visit. And if I don’t get out to walk in the morning it’s highly unlikely I’ll find time later in the day.  Which is frustrating when we do have nice days.

Recently I was there and decided to sit on one of the benches. I was rugged up to keep warm and had woollen gloves on too. Which meant having to remove one when I wanted to use my camera but it was worth the effort.

It was also worth sitting and waiting. I’d discovered a white faced grey heron only a couple of days before in another part of the reserve, not where there are walking paths and I couldn’t get close enough for a decent shot. As I left that morning I heard it calling and saw it winging its way over the main lake and off to the trees. And I had not been prepared! But this next time I heard it I was, and discovered there were two of them!

There are two in this shot if you look closely enough.
White faced heron

Wishing I had a 500mm lens for an even closer view – they were high up in the sky.
White faced heron

Another bird I’d seen several times but hadn’t been able to get a good shot of, finally gave me that opportunity the same week. The Brown Thornbill.
Brown Thornbill

Birds in Motion

In the photography forums we talk about getting BIF images – Birds in Flight.  It’s a challenge to all those who enjoy ‘birding’ (bird photography) and I certainly fit into that category. It is one of the most challenging but satisfying goals I know.  Below are recent images taken at Birdsland Reserve over the past week.

Purple Swamp Hen taking off
Taking off

Pacific Black Duck coming in to land
Coming in for a landing

Eurasian Coot skipping across the water – love watching them do this
Skipping across water

Sunrise at Birdsland Reserve

I’m trying to make sure I get exercise every day and a good way to do that is to go for a walk at the local reserve that has a lake. It’s just over 5km round walk from the outer carpark. The morning looked promising and I thought I’d get there before the sun reached over the hill.  I was rewarded.  Shown in the order it happened. I love cool crisp mornings like this one, with the mist rising off the water.  It’s quite beautiful, don’t you think?

More images of the Pelicans

Was delighted that they were there again yesterday morning at Birdsland Reserve.  And they were happy to pose for me too.

Posing for the camera

But I suspect they got tired of it quickly 🙂

That was a quack!