Subscriber winners for Nov/Dec 2011

I’ve been going through the email subscriber list to pick out the winners for November and December 2011.  Apologies for the delay for November subscribers – last month kind of took me by surprise and didn’t work out the way I had planned. But, of course, if you read my blog, you’ll know that 🙂

While there have been quite a few new subscribers many haven’t activated their subscriptions by clicking on the activation link after their email address had been added to the list. Many of these people may have been those attending the markets at which I display my prints where they signed up at my stall.  Unfortunately I can’t activate on your behalf – this must be done by you to ensure that I’m not spamming you.

Of those who have activated their subscriptions, thank you, and I hope you enjoy the daily photos I send your way.  In the meantime, if Lisa from Biz Solutions (November) and royalkees (December) would like to get in touch with me direct we can discuss what you’d like for your choice of prize for being a subscriber.

Remember, if you’d like the opportunity to go in the draw for winning a monthly prize, you need to be a new email subscriber.  Once my subscription list has grown to over 300 I’ll do random draws from the whole existing list for those ‘older’ subscribers to have the opportunity to win prizes too.

In the meantime, I’m delighted to advise I have more new product for the markets – I plan to be at the Upwey one in March once I’m back on my feet again. Might make Kallista in February but not yet sure – too soon to tell.

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