Submitting to Stock Photos Sites III

Thought I’d report in and let you know how things are going.  If you’re into photography have you tried out iSyndica yet?  I discovered this week that not all the stock photo sites actually notify you when a sale has been made so imagine my surprise when I logged in yesterday to iSyndica and discovered on my dashboard that another photo has sold!  That’s 3 now.  Again, only small amounts but it starts to add up.

The dashboard at entry also tells you other things, such as the best selling channels and how many photos are available for sale.  I have a total of 75 so far but have just uploaded 10 more to set up with keywords and descriptions and then submit to the photo stock sites.  I am very aware this is a ‘numbers’ game, so to speak, and the more images I have uploaded for sale, the more chances of getting more sales.

I’m also waiting to upload more photos to – they seem to be the hardest to get into and each time you try they make you wait longer if you get knocked back. Unfortunately for me that wasn’t obvious information otherwise I might have taken more time in choosing what I uploaded, but I must admit, I know a lot more now than I did 3 months ago, so it’s probably not a bad thing.  I also met a couple of guys who own a graphics and web design company and when I saw the photography on their products I asked where they sourced them – naturally!  I wonder if I should offer my photos to them direct and what that might be worth to them and me?

In the meantime, here is one of the images I’ve got listed with a stock photo site.


  1. Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!

  2. Thanks Kathie,

    I admire your patience 🙂

    Good luck

  3. Maya Koyo says:

    Hi Kathie,

    I like your images!
    I am curious if you are also going after what the agencies seem to like best – people in office environments etc. or simply shooting what feels best to you and sending to them…
    Also, thanks for mentioning isyndica, I did not realize the agencies do not notify you of sales, I am planning to register with isyndica now.

    I am just starting to submit my photos to stock agencies as well. However, as I am doing that, I am also struggling a bit with some camera issues. I have Pentax K10D and a couple of zoom lenses that are rather basic and I am noticing some softness that is driving me insane.
    You know how it is when you take a photo which you took time to find, then compose and execute only to find out later that the focus was off.
    For now I am trying to determine if the issue is due to the camera, lens, or my insufficient skill but I am curious what camera and lenses are you using to shoot your pix – since they come out perfectly sharp. Of course the equipment is only the start in producing great images… And I have lots to learn…
    Good luck with your submissions,

  4. Thanks Maya, glad you like them.

    No, I’m not going for inside shots of people in office or anything. Much prefer not to have to deal with model releases and stuff.

    I love outdoors photography so that’s what I’m going for.

    What I use: Nikon D90 and various lenses. My 300mm is a big soft too – it’s a lower cost lens. However, I still get sharp images.

    Have you checked your diopter? It’s the dial near your eye piece. Perhaps you need to adjust it for your eyes? I wear glasses but don’t like wearing them when using the camera so have adjusted the diopter for my eye to help make the images sharper for viewing and therefore also when the photo is taken.

    Yes, it is annoying the stock sites don’t tell you of your sales – you have to login and view them. Shutterstock isn’t linked to isyndica but the other sites I’m registered with are, so I only have two places to login to view sales that have taken place. At this stage photos of Australian white cockatoos and also of Glacier Bay in Alaska are most popular of my photos.

  5. Maya Koyo says:

    Hi again, Kathie,

    Thanks for your quick response !
    Do you not need releases for your biking shots? They are great by the way..
    I will put the diopter on the list of things to check :)..
    I like outdoors photography as well, that’s my favorite kind… I live in Paris now and here people are most tempting subject to photograph but yes, that would mean dealing with release forms and I have not done that much yet…
    Which isyndica plan are you using ? I am considering the middle one, 79 dollars premium and 20 Gigabytes.

    Thanks for your advice, best,

  6. I don’t need releases on my own blog – I’m not selling the bike photos or making anything from them. Glad you like them!

    Same with journalism I suppose. Not sure. At any rate the riders knew I was there and that they can get access to their photos (and buy them if they wish). I left business cards with several people and posted the link at a bike riders forum here in Australia.

    Have you thought of running a photoblog? You could take the photos and have them on the blog and I don’t think that would be a problem – it’s just putting them up on stock sites to be sold is where you need the forms.

    I haven’t actually signed up for a plan – at least I don’t think so. I haven’t filled the account I set up yet but will get there soon I’m sure! 93 photos uploaded so far, more to come soon.

  7. Maya Koyo says:

    Oh, yes, not on a blog, I assumed you are selling your bike shots as well since they are so good.
    Do you pay to have your photo blog ?
    I signed on to the isyndica website and if you want to sign up, you have to pay something, is that what you did as well ? and then they have three options to choose from, 5 giga, 20 giga or 50 giga and the prices differ for each. the middle option costs 79 dollars per year. So unless you know of a free way to join them, I am thinking to choose that one.
    I guess you can sell street photos of people as editorial images, but you make less money that way. I have not tried to sell people photos yet other then couple of French politicians photos and that only as editorial content. However, I see everyone is saying to always have the forms on you and ask people to sign them, which seems a bit of a hassle.
    In any case, good talking to you, I don’t know any fellow photographers here and it is always good to chat with others who are into similar things… Best of luck with everyting, M

  8. Maya Koyo says:

    Do you use manual focus predominantly or automatic when you shoot your pix ?

  9. Maya Koyo says:

    I thought my camera may have an issue with back or front focus and tried to test it myself, then went to some photo shops to check, so far everyone is saying the camera seems ok, the tests are not conclusive really and the photos are sharp but have a bit of overall softness to them which is still bothering me… It may be somewhat inferior optics of some of the Pentax zoom lenses I use or it may be a slight focusing problem with the camera itself, or due to one of the filters I was using etc.
    I mostly shoot from a tripod so camera shake should not be a problem. but it is enough for me to start considering changing the camera as soon as I can, after I do enough practice shots that I rule out all possibilities or rather all things that I could change before getting rid of the camera itself – I like the camera otherwise so it would be a pity…
    Anyway, I am off to do more tests , have a great day – or night – not sure 🙂 It is morning here in Paris.

  10. So many questions Maya! So lovely to hear from someone so interested.

    I own my own webhosting which is just as well as I own over 15 blogs 🙂

    I use a mixture of manual and auto but mainly auto for action shots.

    I have a sales site at with a direct link to the gallery of the MTB shots from the weekend.

    It’s nearly evening here.

    Oh, and by the way, check out the APF forum on the site – why not join us and mix and mingle with other photographers? Don’t worry it’s an Aussie group, you’d still be most welcome.

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