Shooting birds

I went to a 2 day photography workshop last weekend with Steve Parish, Darran Leal and Mark Galer. Learnt heaps, met other keen photographers and went home to apply my new settings and purchase Lightroom 4. Have a lot of learning and practicing to do. However, I was out Monday morning shooting birds (my favourite past time) and here are some of the results.  A Crested Pigeon and a Mother Duck taking her younglings out for a walk. All taken at Lysterfield Lake Park.

Crested Pigeon

Mother and 2 Ducklings


  1. Encore ! I hope you never tire of framing these captivating creatures ! They are a delight to the eye and heart. Love the delicate plumage and form. Thank you, Kathie !

  2. Kathie Thomas says:

    Thanks Jeannine 🙂 It’s a challenge, but one I enjoy working on constantly 🙂

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