Photo in calendar

Recently I was thrilled to learn I am a winner in a photography competition here in the Dandenong Ranges. The local community bank runs this competition and had 230 entries, 13 of which were winners (1 cover image and 12 for the months) and 9 photographers who took those 13 images. So some had more than one image in the calendar.

I submitted 3 images and had one that was chosen of the Puffing Billy Steam Train on the historial Trestle Bridge not far from my home in the Ranges.  Whenever people think of the Dandenong Ranges the Puffing Billy is one of their first thoughts so it was a fitting choice.

I can’t give you a copy of that calendar but I can arrange a calendar filled with my own images for you.  I know a lot of people receive/read this blog and I do get periodic email responses but I would love to see a lot more comments on this blog when you see a photo you like or even might want to make a suggestion about a shot.  So from now, till the end of this month, I’m encouraging you to leave comments on this blog and I will pick a winning comment at the end of the month to receive a calendar of their own choice. The calendar could be filled with images of flowers, of Australian birdlife, wildlife, landscapes or a mixture of all.

And for those of you who would like to purchase a calendar you can either go to my Australia Shop at Cafe Press or simply contact me via this site to place an order.  You’ll find a lot of other items also available there – useful if you still have Christmas shopping to do.  I also have prints available at Red Bubble.

Oh, and if you live in or near the Dandenong Ranges, you can walk into any branch of the Bendigo Bank and ask for a copy of the abovementioned calendar. It’s free to people who go into the bank, while stocks last.

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