Grant's Picnic Ground

This Cockatoo on the entry sign to the park with a Crimson Rosella in the background.


  1. Jimmy Chang says:

    Feeding birds in the Grant’s Picnic Ground of Mt Dandenong is banned except paid for it! I haven’t been up there for last few years. However, bird feeding was always allowed and free of charge as far as I experienced all along since 20 years ago. Bird feeding seeds were either BYO or available from the kiosk at very reasonable cost.
    It is a bare fact that a lot of people feed the bird in their back garden or front yard. Furthermore, different types of bird seeds are readily available in the supermarket so people can put it next to the bird bath in their gardens. Then all these will be illegal! Does this mean that the officials turn a blind eye to this or simply negligence? If the kiosk/cafe is allowed to have the exclusive bird feeding right while exploiting the park resources (ranger) and regulation, would this constitute collusion and exploitation?
    This is absolutely ridiculous! A wrong business model! Purely exploitation!

  2. Kathie Thomas says:

    I think you have it all wrong Jimmy. You say yourself you haven’t been there for 20 years. The numbers of birds have increased a great deal. The kiosk is helping to limit how much feeding takes place by being the only source allowed to provide birdseed for the birds there. And they restrict the places where they can be fed. I agree that locals or others may choose to feed elsewhere but at Grant’s the feeding is monitored to ensure that tourists get an opportunity, that the birds aren’t overfed and that the feeding is kept to one particular area only. The cost at the kiosk is still very reasonable and I enjoy being able to take interstate or overseas guests along to the park so they can see our native birds up close – guaranteed.

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