Colourful damselflies

Doesn’t matter how long a lens I have, there’s always another that could take a closer shot!  Oh well.  With my trusty and fav 70-300mm I took this shot of dragonflies who don’t stay still for very long. I had no idea there was such a variety of colours but here you can see there are 3 different combinations.  These, and butterflies, are very plentiful at Lysterfield Lake Park at the moment.

Colourful dragonflies

I had someone comment at Facebook and give me more information about these flies:

They are not dragonflies. Damselflies fold their wings behind them and hover close to water. Dragonflies leave their wings out open and often venture further from water. Larger larvae for dragonflies that often eat damselfly larvae.  When they die or are pinned in collections, they fade to a dull grey or brown. Never retain colours. So only way to see them is alive or photos. Beautiful colours. Different colours are different species and male/females are also different in colours.  – Thanks Cameron for that information!

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