Wet landing

It’s always fun trying to get these shots and the ducks gave us a few opportunities.

Mirrored reflection

What’s a creek without ducks?  I got several duck shots.

Enjoying a run

I saw white things flapping above the high grass on the other side of the creek and couldn’t figure out what it was at first till the thing came into view more. It was a very excitable dog that had seen the water and the ducks and wanted to join in the fun!  The flapping things had been its ears and top of the head.  By the looks of him here I think he’s already been in the water!


I recently joined a local photography club close to where I now live and they had a photowalk one morning last week at a park I’d never been to before.  There were only a half dozen of us and it was at 9am. This suited me well. I prefer in the morning (and even earlier is good) so that I can spend time enjoying a walk and taking photos before having to get into the workload of the day.

This week you’ll see photos from that walk.  I hope you enjoy them.

This was a small group of Australian Magpies enjoying the morning sun.