Misty morning

I love how fresh everything is on a morning when the sun is rising and there is mist and sunrays.

Two of the photographers I walked with.

Brighton Beach Boxes

A different view to the Dandenong Ranges but periodically I go out on photowalks with other photographers through Meetup.com. A great way to find others who have common interests to you in your local area. Love it!

Below are some images of the famous Brighton Beach Boxes. Originally built in the 1800s, these were eventually shifted to the back of the beach at Brighton and are a popular icon for photographs, weddings, and other things. Those who would like to own these very coveted pieces of real estate could expect to pay in excess of $150kAUD when one becomes available – which isn’t often.

Ducks at the Arboretum

Neville Arboretum has a lake that you can walk around. I noticed a white duck for the first time – hadn’t seen it there before. It certainly stood out, both in colour and size, being considerably larger than the other ducks there.

I believe this is a domestic duck so do not know how it came to be at this park. Perhaps its home was nearby.
White duck

Pacific Black Duck

Brighton Beach Pier

Still at the yacht club I ventured outside to get this shot of the Brighton Beach Pier and Boat Ramp.

Brighton Beach Pier & Boat Ramp

Brighton Beach

I went to a business breakfast (BNI) a week ago and it was being held in the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.  Well, the morning was beautiful, very calm, and the water glassy. The lighting great and I was itching to get my camera out.

This is what you could see from the window – although I went out on the decking to get the clear shot.

Brighton Beach Marina