Visit to a horse stud

In December last we visited one of our daughters who lives in Wangaratta, about 3 hours north of where we live.  She offered to take us to the stud she used to work at, on our way back home, and I’m always up for a photo opportunity any time. These are some of the shots I got during that visit.

Horse Eventing

I’ve often thought I’d love to do horse eventing shots. I had two daughters doing events over 12 years ago but, at that stage, I didn’t have the camera I had now, and although I took a few shots, wasn’t as obsessed with photography then. Wish I was! I could have had some great shots from those days.

When I was at the Seville Festival recently I noticed that they had a horse event on. I couldn’t stay long as I had to get back to my stall, but I did manage to get shots of the one girl going through her paces. These are some of them.

Horse Eventing

Horse Eventing

Horse Eventing

Horse Eventing

You don't see this in the suburbs!

Lovely to look out the window or over the fence here at home to see sights I never saw in the suburbs.  I could hear the lazy clip clop of a horse’s hooves and was in time to catch this girl and possibly her brother or a friend riding beside her on their bike as they moved down the street.

The Horse Whisper

Whispering sweet nothings or saying something else? They were stopped at traffic lights in the city recently.


Talking Horses

I saw these in the city waiting to get going. They looked like they were having a conversation with each other.