Native garden in Monbulk

I recently had the privilege of photographing a garden in Monbulk.  I’d been to visit it a few times in the past and I was amazed at how much it had grown. Just under two years of age, there are many bushes there of a mature size. The owner, Shirley, started the garden after she bought the house and ripped out what was there and started from scratch. My daughter (Shirley’s neighbour) informs me that Shirley has done this with previous homes and she’s obviously quite experienced in garden planning and design. It shows. Shirley is not a young woman and has done most of the work herself. A great way to keep physically active and fit in her older years.

I hope you’ll agree, from the photos below, that this is a great garden to visit and that you’ll keep your eyes open for possible open days at a later date.  Many of her plants have been bought from Kuranga Nursery (one of my favourite nurseries too), as has her garden ornaments.

Looking towards Shirley’s house in the backyard.
Monbulk garden

The kangaroo paw is looking well established.

Monbulk garden

Another section of her garden.

Monbulk garden

She had a variety of heath in her garden, this one originally from WA.

Monbulk garden

You can see more photos from her garden here.



Photography in Olinda

Recently I had the privilege of photographing a garden in Olinda, Victoria, Australia. As the property is surrounded by tall mountain ash trees sunlight tends to arrive quite late in the morning, even in the warmer months.

Beautiful Hydrangea

Purple splash

Morning sun peeking through

Garden art

For more garden images visit my Gardens album at Flickr.

Would you like your garden photographed?

_D718031I’m taking bookings for gardens, particularly in the Dandenong Ranges region, but any area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne is fine.  A keen gardener myself, I would delight in photographing your garden and producing images you can keep in print format or digital. Why not have a photo book of your garden? Here are some reasons why a garden might be photographed:

  • You’re moving and want to take the memories with you
  • A loved one has passed on and you want to keep something of their life with you
  • You want to send the photos to someone interstate or overseas
  • A gift for an elderly person no longer able to work in their own garden
  • If you manage a B&B you might want books to give to guests to take away with them
  • There could be any number of reasons.

Contact me today to discuss what you would like.