And more birds from Lilydale Lake Park

And here are some more, a couple of water birds and a tiny wren.

Superb fairy-wren. Think this was a male.

White-faced Grey Heron. It watched me carefully, trying to weigh up whether to fly off or continue foraging. I moved away and left it in peace after I got a couple of shots.

Female Darter bird.

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Darter (snake) bird

My husband and I went for a picnic lunch on Saturday at Lilydale Lake Park. He’d not been there before, it was a lovely day and I wanted to go for a drive.  There weren’t any available seats in the shade and we had one seat in the car so poor hubby had to sit on the ground (remember he’s still suffering from his own injuries from last April) but we managed. Later we went for a walk and I was thrilled to do just over 1.5kms before getting back to the car. I am so pleased to be walking again – without an aide, in this case a crutch. Still had hubby with me 🙂

We saw a couple of Darter birds, along with other birdlife. This one in particular was close by on a rock and I was concerned when I looked at the photos to see it had fishing line around it’s head and beak and a fishing hook close to its beak. I have notified the authorities and sent them photos, and already have had a reply that they’ll get it attended to.  It’s a shame when our wildlife suffers because of man’s activities.

Darter Bird, Lilydale Lake

Darter Bird, Lilydale Lake

Holiday Season – Lilydale Lake Park

Looking further in the Dandenong Ranges and moving towards the Yarra Valley, you’ll find the Lilydale Lake and Park.  Lovely place to take your family.  Room to play games, to go for walks or runs, to watch the multitude of birdlife there or just enjoy the serenity of the place.

Lilydale Lake

Darter (Anhinga melanogaster) or Snake Bird

Swallow enjoying the morning sun

Lilydale Lake park

Lilydale Lake birdlife

At the lake in Lilydale there’s a jetty and viewing pad for the birdlife and boats on the lake. The swallows have taken up residence there and were also enjoying the early morning sun while I visited.

Lilydale Lake park

Curious Swallow

Swallow enjoying the morning sun

Masked Lapwing Plover in flight

While at Lilydale Lake I disturbed a Plover and it took off. Fortunately I was already focused on the bird so caught it in flight. Can you see its spurs on the top edge of its wings?

Masked Wing Plover in flight

Masked Wing Plover in flight

96-365 Masked Wing Plover coming in for a landing